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Lovers end
I still love you and it hurts me to say,
That I think about you constantly every single day,
I think of the good times and hours spent together,
Even though I knew it wasn't meant to be forever.
You made me feel like I was the one for you,
And I honestly thought it would be us two,
But you broke my heart and killed my soul,
And yet I still think it's all my fault.
I want you back even now after the pain,
Ever day I take a trip down memory lane,
I can't stop loving you I sometimes wish I could,
Even though I know this love is over for good.
:iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 1 0
Just Good Friends
She glanced at me a gave a smile,
She sat holding my hands for a while,
She leaned in close and kissed my cheek,
My hand started shaking my knees went weak.
I never knew she felt this way,
Wondering each and every day,
If I would have her for my own,
Finally I don't feel so alone.
I want to say 'i love you'
And want you to say it too,
I want to hold you forever,
And hope we will be together.
But alas we can never be,
Because "friends" is what you see,
I hate that I can't tell you how I feel,
Because I want our love to be real.
:iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 0 0
LoveLiveLaugh123 by x-StiitcH-x LoveLiveLaugh123 :iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 2 1 Crush 2 by x-StiitcH-x Crush 2 :iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 2 4 Crush 1 by x-StiitcH-x Crush 1 :iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 3 5
Pain Takes It's Toll
Darkness clouds me dear,
It kills me inside,
Like a swarm of hatred around me,
I'm dragged to the depths of my pain,
Grasping the little air that fills my lungs,
I fall to the ground,
Crumbling on the bones of my foundation,
I crack under the pressure,
And all becomes too much,
Too much to handle,
And I fail again,
Continuously hurt by the past,
Hounded by the ghosts that linger there,
In those once beautifully lit surroundings,
Those that felt so warm to me once,
Now cold with the pain that comforts them,
I linger on in the space,
Dying slowly,
As I thrive on the once happy memories of you and I
My dear I loved you once,
But once was too much,
And now the breaking of my heart has consumed me,
Dragging me to the crushing depths of the darkness,
Pulling me into weakness,
But soon,
Soon I shall break free,
Free from the punishment of your lies,
Free from your hatred,
And I shall weep for you no more,
I shall heal,
And mend my heart for myself,
And close it off from the world,
:iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 1 0
It Will.. Part 1
It will define me
Or break me
And i'm scared that i'll crack first
The past won't seem to fade
No matter how hard i smudge it
Somethings just keep coming back
Bolder than ever
And it's slowly killing me
To know that my whole life is crumbling
And there's nothing i can do to stop it
I will fail
And fall harder than ever
And the net has gone
I can only see the floor
No saftey harness
Just the cold air in my face as i fall
Hopelessley into my fate
The knife is sharper than before
And i know what will happen next
I'm sorry i'm not stronger
:iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 1 3
If I told you that I loved you,
If I told you that I cared,
Would you freak out?
Or would you be there?
Would you hear me out?
Would you say the same?
Would you have doubt?
Or would you whisper my name?
Tell me you feel the same,
Tell me you love me too,
Tell me you'll always be there,
To hold me next to you...
:iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 1 4
I Miss You
Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there, I did not die.
:iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 0 0
I'm Stronger Now
Fuck you, you make me sick,
I don't have to listen to you,
You're a heartless prick,
I hate you, go fucking die,
You don't care about me,
You ruined my life,
I'm alone now,
But i feel alive,
You freed me,
You made me see the light,
My eyes are wide open,
And now i see,
You all changed me,
You made me see the real me,
I'm changed and i feel great,
I'm not you're prisoner,
I'm not you're mate,
I'm nothing to you,
I'm dead in you're eyes,
So go feed some other poor bitch,
With you're disgusting lies,
I'm gone,
And i'm not coming back,
I met a Man
And he's picked up the slack,
He cares,
Which is more than you did,
He treats me like a person,
Not a fucking pig,
I love him
And it kills you inside,
To know that i'm happy,
Without you in my life!
:iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 0 4
Your lips speak soft sweetness
Your touch a cool caress
I am lost in your magic
My heart beats within your chest
I think of you each morning
And dream of you each night
I think of your arms being around me
And cannot express my delight
Never have I fallen
But I am quickly on my way
You hold a heart in your hands
That has never before been given away
:iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 0 1
Nan by x-StiitcH-x Nan :iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 0 3
You're Fake
You don't understand,
So stop pretending that you do,
You don't have to let the world,
Tear you're bleeding heart in two,
You have a perfect life,
You have someone to care,
So stop being ungreatful,
Don't you cry, don't you dare,
You're just acting like a child,
A stupid spoilt bitch,
You have everything a girl could want,
Things i can only wish,
So stop pretending the you know,
How it feels to be alone,
When you have never felt this pain,
You're not my fucking clone,
I'm sick of all you're lies,
It's nothing but poisonous venom,
You're full of fucking shit,
Stop acting like you're seven,
You don't know how if feels,
To live a life like mine,
No friends, no pals to socalize,
No i'm not fucking fine,
I'm hurting don't you see,
And now it really shows,
Because the scars run deep,
This is the path i chose,
So don't come to me,
With you're bullshit on life,
Pretending you get how hard it is,
When i'm the one holding the knife.
:iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 0 5
Together One Day..
He come to me
From across the room,
Climbs on the bed,
His touch is smooth,
His breath,
It lingers on my neck,
He holds me close,
My cheek he pecks,
Runs his fingers down my spine,
My body goes cold,
At last he's mine,
As we make love,
Beneath the stars,
Soft tears fall,
And hurt my heart,
But i do not cry,
Because i'm sad,
I cry because..
You're mine at last.
I've waited for so long,
For you to come,
And open up my heart,
Now you're here,
I'm scared to let go,
Because i don't want us to part.
I love you more,
Than words can say,
You make me feel whole,
You're love for me,
I hope will stay,
Because my love for you,
Just grows.
:iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 0 2
I feel like shit,
I just want to go home,
I don't want to be at work,
I just want to be alone.
I want to go home and cry,
Get rid of all the pain,
I just want to sit at my window,
And listen to the rain.
:iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 4 4
Empty Frames
I can feel the raindrops
Slowly falling
And they calling for
They keep calling for
My knight in shining armour
Come and save me
Cause I'm drowning in pain
I've been hurt
By his mistakes
So come and take me away
I put him first
I thought he'd stay
But he couldn't weather the storm
So he left me the rain
Over time, pictures fade
All that's left are these empty frames
Sleepless nights, and stormy days
I've got proof that people change
And all that's left are these empty frames
All that's left are these empty...
Can you hear these teardrops
In my pillow?
They keep falling cause
I kept falling for your dozen thorny roses
Now I'm bleeding
And I'm lonely again
Now I'm hurt
It's my mistake
I should have known right away
I put him first
I thought he'd stay
But he couldn't weather the storm
So he left me the rain
Over time, pictures fade
All that's left are these empty frames
Sleepless nights, and stormy days
I've got proof that people change
Long after the smiles all fade away
All this endless
:iconx-stiitch-x:x-StiitcH-x 0 0


GAME ON by cartoongirl7 GAME ON :iconcartoongirl7:cartoongirl7 120,541 13,007 The Mask by Dziro--kun The Mask :icondziro--kun:Dziro--kun 205 19 The Mask by Dziro--kun The Mask :icondziro--kun:Dziro--kun 29 3 practice makes perfect by wonderbandalice
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practice makes perfect :iconwonderbandalice:wonderbandalice 82 27
Death of Creativity by ooOIndreOoo Death of Creativity :iconoooindreooo:ooOIndreOoo 1,925 77 Zelda - Midna and Wolf Link by GENZOMAN Zelda - Midna and Wolf Link :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 26,741 1,682 He doesn't need eyes to see you.. by TheHellcow He doesn't need eyes to see you.. :iconthehellcow:TheHellcow 726 106 Slenderman by BrokenDoll777 Slenderman :iconbrokendoll777:BrokenDoll777 744 67 A girl's mind by naked-in-the-rain A girl's mind :iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 1,055 150
I don't care if you're Gay.
It disappoints me how people think
it's demeaning and disgusting for one
to love their own gender. How we
are encased and suffocated by the
chains of society's realms.
We have been brought up to believe
that a problematic equation would
be a gender in addition to the same
gender – that it is ''weird'' for one
to embark on a relationship with
the same gender because it screams
and shrieks of abnormality.
I despise how people refer to being
''homosexual'' or a ''lesbian'' to be
disgraceful. The irony strikes me that
for a society that claims to be ''accepting,''
we have not made any progress
whatsoever in terms of same-gender
relationships, be it: boy and boy or
girl and girl.
Regardless of gender, they are all true
emotions. SO WHAT if a girl likes another
girl? SO WHAT if a boy likes another boy?
This is to our apparent ''accepting''
society that is refusing to acknowledge
how there is actually no abnormality in
Who are YOU to judge what is abnormal?
:icontherealanonymous:therealanonymous 517 654
It takes 14 minutes and twelve seconds to walk to your home from mine every day.  Your mother never fails to smile at me when she opens the door. I never fail to notice that it doesn't reach her eyes anymore.
You leave your door open an exact two point three centimeters. I don't think you do it on purpose. There is something wrong with the wood that has left it that way. I pause one foot outside the door and listen to you cough, trying to determine how sick you feel today. I hate that every time I think you are particularly ill, I am always right.
Six months, seventeen days and fourteen hours. That is how long its been since the doctors told us you had an illness. I sat there with your parents, listening to a man who said words like 'terminal' and 'leukemia', and counted the number of times he said 'patient' as if it were your name (Seventeen).
The blood bank says one unit is four hundred and fifty milliliters and I watch as they put the needle into my ar
:iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 1,457 675
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One Life Remaining
United Kingdom
Hello! Beings of earth!
Welcome to my page!
Feel free to browse and FAV my art work!
I am extreemly apreciative of your pageviews and i am very greatful you have taken time out of your busy schedules to come and visit my page!

A bit about me.
1. I am small.
2. I am extreemly loud and i am not afraid to be myself!
3. I stick up for my friends.
4. I love to draw!
5. My ipod is my life!
6. My pet Turtle is my bestfriend!
7. I'm extreemly childish.
8. I try not to take things seriously.
9. Small things amuse small minds.
10. I love all my friends as though they we're family.

Anything else you would like to know about me please don't be afraid to ask!

Oh and one last thing!

:iconlovelivelaugh123: Is one of the kindest people i know on here! I love her to BITS!! She's my sister from another mister! She just kicks ass!! LOVE YOU TWIN!!!!
Since I was last on here I hope everyone is well, I apologise for not being on in such a long time. and I have missed you all!
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